Exercises to increase penis size. Good or bad?

a man looks at his pants and thinks about exercises to increase penis size

At all times, men are not satisfied with the size of their genitalia. This is often due to the deep subconscious thinking that "a good penis is a large penis. "Only men with truly outstanding masculine qualities know well enough that large internal organs do not do the job. reduce problems in bed, and sometimes create them. But most men still manage to achieve maximum penis size using a variety of techniques and exercises.

Following the correct technique, such exercises are safe, useful and can be successfully performed at home.

Penis workout

All methods that affect the size of the penis can be divided into three main and quite conditional groups:

  • Affects the pelvic floor muscles and tissues around the penis and scrotum.
  • Hardware engineering.
  • Exercises to increase penis size.

It should be emphasized that, although these methods are considered safe, they must still be carried out in principle and done after being examined and guided by a physician. Then there will be tangible benefits from them and a man's intimate health will not be compromised.

How to do penis enlargement exercises?

Penis enlargement exercises are always performed only on a previously prepared organ. This is very similar to how in sports a warm-up is done to prepare the muscles for strength. Everything is done here with the same goals.

Before starting the exercises, the penis is warmed with a hot, damp towel, and then dried. Classes are divided into those that are performed on fully relaxed and partially erect genitals. In addition to using a hot towel, you can prep your penis for exercise by applying it with a thick creamy gel.

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Training the pelvic floor muscles can be done at any convenient time, as they are invisible to others and are very similar to Kegel exercises for women. The meaning of such exercises is to strongly contract the muscles of the perineum and genitals, as if a man is trying to hold his urine. It has a very useful effect on the state of the reproductive system, performs a gentle internal massage of the prostate gland and prevents stagnation of blood, lymph and sexual secretions.

There are different types of penis exercises, but the most effective are the following:

  1. Lengthen. The non-erect penis is pulled away from the penis by the tip of the penis for 5 seconds, then the same to the sides. You need to direct the penis without trying too hard, without causing pain to yourself.
  2. Extend in a circle. As in the first exercise, the penis is tipped and stretched for 5 seconds up and forward. Then, from this position, rotations are made with pulling in a counterclockwise circle, also for 5 seconds. The course is 25 alternating reps with short breaks for blood circulation to return to normal.
  3. Stretch while sitting. Partial erection is done, the penis is pulled towards the buttocks, you need to gently sit up. This procedure not only contributes to the lengthening but also thickening of the penis.
  4. Jelqing. Jelqing is a special technique that promotes the "growth" of the penis. Visually, it is similar to the milking process of cows, it is done using the thumb and forefinger connected by a ring. They cover the base of the penis with a ring and slowly "pull" it along the shaft of the penis up to the glans. Switch hands and repeat. The procedure is carried out uninterrupted for at least 5 minutes.

There are many ways to stimulate the growth of the penis and all have the right to life, but only if they do not harm intimate health and cause no pain or discomfort to the man.

Benefits of classes

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Penis enlargement exercises not only contribute to the correction of its shape and size, but also affect various functions. With their help, you can get the following results:

  • Stimulates a persistent and stable erection;
  • Achieve high-quality potency even at an advanced age;
  • Get rid of fast ejaculation and prolong sex for the right time;
  • Reduce the interval between intercourse;
  • Increase sexual stamina.

This technique provides significant psychological help, eliminating various "clamps" and complexes caused by insufficient sizes of real and imaginary penises.