The best ways to enlarge the head of the penis (penis)

How to enlarge the glans of the penis

Many men underestimate the size of their reproductive organs and often use various methods to increase the size of their reproductive organs. There are several basic methods, let's see which one is most effective.

Is it worth resorting to penis head enlargement?

The compact size of the penis has no effect on the functioning of the reproductive or urinary systems. This problem is more psychological and, as a rule, worries only the man himself. Concerns about scale are reinforced by the long-standing social myth: "Bigger is better. "

Because of this, representatives of the stronger half of humanity often feel confused, embarrassed, afraid and uncertain in front of their partner. If no measures are taken, an inferiority complex can develop over time. To prevent this, it is recommended to contact a specialist on this matter. The latter will help determine what a man needs more: psychological help to accept his body or, indeed, to adjust the size of the penis.

If increasing penis size gives a man confidence in his sexual abilities, removes feelings of embarrassment and makes him happier, then why not. In this case, it is important to choose the right method and follow the instructions correctly so as not to harm your health.

Basic methods to enlarge the head of the penis

To enlarge the glans penis, invasive, minimally invasive and non-invasive techniques are used. Let's look at the most popular ones, their advantages and disadvantages.

Surgical method

Surgical intervention gives guaranteed results. To enlarge the head of the penis, a harmless and at the same time effective operation is widely used - frenulectomy, i. e. frenuloplasty surgery. Provides the possibility of cutting the frenulum by laser, radiofrequency or surgical methods.

  1. Advantages: helps the penis head to open completely; Plastic manipulation is simple, even for young children; short recovery time; a guaranteed result that guarantees lengthening the erect penis by 1-2 cm.
  2. Disadvantages: does not affect head size but helps increase penis length and expand the head when erect.

Lipofilling. Regarding the use of the patient's adipose tissue. Using a thin catheter, it is pumped out from one area, such as from the abdomen, thigh or lower back, and implanted under the skin of the penis in the glans area, increasing its volume.

  1. Advantages: helps enlarge the head and body of the penis by 2-3 cm; The possibility of secondary rejection is eliminated; This operation is minimally invasive so does not require a long recovery time.
  2. Disadvantage: Transplanted fat tissue lacks blood vessels that nourish them, so it gradually dissolves over time, and the effect is only temporary - about 1 year.

Cut the ligament. The purpose of this operation is to free the hidden part of the penis located below the pubic area. To do this, the doctor will cut the suspensory ligament of the penis. After surgery, the man must wear an extender to lengthen the penis.

  1. Advantages: penis length increases by 3-5 cm.
  2. Disadvantages: requires general anesthesia, the width of the head and shaft of the penis does not change, complications can develop: erectile dysfunction, unstable penis position during sexual intercourse.

Phalloplasty. It can be total, when doctors create a new form of penis (during sex reassignment, after traumatic or iatrogenic amputation, cancer, etc. ) and partial (defectiveexisting defects, cosmetic defects are corrected, part of the penis is enlarged, for example, the head, etc. ). This is a complex surgery that involves the use of autologous skin, inflatable cylinders or elastic silicone rods.

  1. Advantages: brings good aesthetic effects, helps change head shape in length and width.
  2. Disadvantages: high tissue rejection, reduced tip sensitivity, reduced erection ability, etc. v.

Circumcision or circumcision. Provides the ability to remove the circular folds of skin covering the head of the penis.

  1. Advantages: gives a more attractive appearance to the penis, helps men prolong sexual intercourse and is more thorough in hygiene.
  2. Disadvantage: does not affect head size but helps reveal the head.

hyaluronic acid injections

Injecting hyaluronic acid into the penis is an effective method but is only temporary. Time to receive results is 6 months. up to 2 years. This procedure allows you to create a head proportional to the shaft of the penis, both in length and width. For injections, elastic, concentrated hyaluronic acid gel is used, biocompatible with the human body.

  1. Advantages: allows you to simulate the shape of the head, the result is guaranteed, the filler does not cause a rejection reaction, there is little trauma.
  2. Disadvantage: gel dissolves over time.

Introducing hyaluronic acid.

Exercises and massage

Many massage techniques and exercises have been developed to enlarge the penis. For example: jelqing, clamping, Taoist exercises, bending, stretching, Kegel exercises, etc. v. The effectiveness of this method is less than the first two methods. But it allows you to achieve a length of up to 2 cm and a width of up to 1. 5 cm, provided that it is done daily for several months.

  1. Advantages: non-invasive penis enlargement method, minimal trauma (if performed), no need for pain relief or cost.
  2. Disadvantage: to get noticeable results, you need to spend a lot of time and effort.


Hormones are sometimes used to enlarge the head and shaft of the penis. Instructions for use: oral or injectable. Such correction of the penis should be prescribed only with the permission of a doctor, in case of deficiency of male sex hormones in the blood. Otherwise, the likelihood of developing serious complications increases: hormonal imbalance, addiction, adrenal dysfunction, etc. v.

  1. Advantages: hormonal drugs stabilize the function of the reproductive system, promote the development of male genital organs and good erections.
  2. Disadvantages: requires long-term treatment and results are not guaranteed.

Use the device

Various devices for enlarging the head and shaft of the penis are in widespread demand:

  • stretchers - penis extenders that use adjustable or elastic belts (they come with mechanical and vacuum straps);
  • pump (enlarges the penis due to vacuum pressure on the penile tissue);
  • hydraulic pump (operating principle is the same as a pump, only uses water instead of vacuum);
  • extenders (enlarge the penis by mechanically stretching the tissue);
  • weights, attachments (hanging or wearing on the erect penis, stretching the skin, promoting the development of the muscles of the penis).

Advantages: they help to achieve good results (+ length 2-3 cm and width 1-2 cm) with regular use, strengthening the muscle tissues of the penis.

Disadvantages: affects the size of the penis, not the head; To get noticeable results, it will take more than a month of regular exercise.

Biological supplements

The action of these nutritional supplements is aimed at replenishing the deficiency of vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary for the normal development of the penis. Normally, products of natural origin are absolutely safe for health.

  1. Advantages: has a positive effect on blood flow and muscle tissue. They promote high-quality and long-lasting erections, while replenishing vitamin deficiencies in the body.
  2. Disadvantages: they are expensive; indirectly affects penis enlargement by saturating the body with vitamins necessary for the normal development of the penis. Results are not guaranteed.

Folk remedies

Various folk remedies are also widely used for penis enlargement. There is a list of plants that have a positive impact on the male reproductive system, reproductive function, hormonal levels, potency, which together facilitate the development of the head and shaft. object. These include: epimedium, ginseng, hornwort, fireweed, calamus root, canola, etc. v. They are used as herbal medicine. Sometimes a soda solution is used.

  1. Advantages: contributes to improving the overall health of the body, eliminates inflammatory processes, affordable price.
  2. Disadvantages: results are not guaranteed, need long-term use.

Other methods

No less popular are creams, gels and ointments for penis enlargement. As a rule, they have a temporary effect due to the rush of blood into the penile tissue; promotes good erection due to its warming effect.

  1. Advantages: simplicity and ease of use, positive effect on potency, most products can be used as lubricants.
  2. Disadvantages: weak effect and aimed at stimulating erection rather than growing the penis.

You can also use a penis enlarger during sex.

Which method should I choose?

If you need to enlarge the head of the penis in a short time and the man is ready for all methods, then you should pay attention to surgical intervention. Today, many techniques have been developed that help to quickly and efficiently simulate the required scale geometry in the outpatient setting.

If a man wants to increase penis size no less effectively than surgery, but is not ready for surgery, then you should pay attention to hyaluronic acid injections or lipofilling. They will have to be done more than once, because. . . the materials tend to dissolve, but the procedure is minimally traumatic, highly effective, and does not require general anesthesia.

If a man is willing to put in a lot of effort and time to enlarge his penis, he should pay attention to non-invasive procedures.

Exercises, massage and suitable equipment to strengthen muscle tissue, gradually stretch and activate regenerative processes. In addition to enlarging the penis, they also help remove congestion in the genitals and stimulate blood circulation, so they are good for people who spend a lot of time at the computer, work in an office or have a lifestyle. sedentary life. In addition, such procedures can be performed at home, at any convenient time of the day.

If a lack of male hormones is detected in the blood, then you should pay attention to drugs that can compensate and further affect the development of the head and shaft of the penis - hormones.

As auxiliary methods, it is recommended to use folk remedies, biological additives, various gels, ointments and creams. They can be combined with any other method of penis enlargement.