How to enlarge male penis at home?

Penis size is a matter of concern for young people, but even after the age of 20, when the body stops growing, men still worry about whether the penis is big enough to satisfy the person they love.

male organ enlargement

Surgical intervention is only allowed when indicated. Therefore, people who are not satisfied with themselves begin to look for other ways. How to enlarge the penis at home and to do this you need many methods and technologies to lengthen the penis yourself, it is important to choose the most suitable method for yourself.

Hangers, hangers

hanging load

You need to buy penis hangers, created according to the Hanger prototype, from trusted manufacturers. Before using a sling, empty your bladder. Do not drink liquid 1 hour before use. The device does not hang if there is an erection. Before the procedure, the penis is steamed with warm water. Do not wear coat hangers on bare skin. Before use, the penis is wrapped in a bandage or cotton cloth. The algorithm used is as follows:

  1. The hanger is mounted 3 cm above the top of the guitar.
  2. After repairing, gently squeeze the blood out of the head.
  3. One approach lasts 20-40 minutes.
  4. Minimum weight for beginners is selected.
  5. 2 or 3 approaches are performed per day.
  6. Rest between rounds lasts at least 20 minutes.

High intensity training should be done for 3 days with one day off or 5 days with two days off. Disadvantages of the system include the traumatic nature of the technique. The advantage of the program is to increase penis size by a few centimeters in just a few months.

What is the normal penis size?

Size matters

If you believe the statistics, the average erect penis size around the world ranges from 10cm to 18cm, of course there is variation up and down, but this is usually due to geography (orrace), genetics or various pathologies (in case of extremely small or large sizes).

When surveying middle-aged girls and women about the penis size they considered optimal for successful sexual relationships, respondents focused on the thickness of the male genitalia, notits length. According to girls, thickness matters, and the greater the thickness, the more pleasure they receive and the more often they have vaginal orgasms.

Folk remedies

Traditional medicine has a large list of methods and recipes suitable for use in combination with other methods of penis enlargement. Many different medicinal herbs have been shown to be good, as have soda products and beekeeping. A man needs to choose the optimal formula for himself and practice it strictly according to the instructions.


Paying attention to the ingredients of supplements and penis enlargement pills means finding the herb that can deliver such results. Experts identify the following plants as effective in increasing the length and thickness of the penis:

  1. EpimediumKorean mountain grass, can cure erectile dysfunction and affect the size of male reproductive organs. The main substance in the plant is icariin, which dilates blood vessels and the corpora cavernosa of the penis, enhancing erection ability.
  2. Ginsenga proven remedy that increases blood flow to the penis after the first use. The penis becomes more filled with blood, which means it becomes thicker and longer.
  3. Eurycoma longifoliaMalaysian ginseng, also dilates the corpora cavernosa of the penis and accelerates local blood flow. In addition, the plant also increases sperm count in men and the level of sexual desire.

You can collect herbs yourself, dry them and prepare tinctures, decoctions and infusions based on them. You can also find herbal preparations in tablet and capsule form that initially contain these herbs.

Recipe with honey

Another popular way to enlarge the penis is to use honey and this method has received approval from most urologists and endocrinologists. It should be used as follows:

  • Take the solution and honey, mix the ingredients into a homogeneous mass and apply regularly inside;
  • add walnuts to honey, take a spoonful on an empty stomach every morning;
  • Add hazelnuts, walnuts and rosehips to honey, chop and whisk, use 1-2 spoons per day.
Traditional penis enlargement method

Honey is a natural aphrodisiac that has the best effect on men's sexual sphere. Therefore, such formulations need to be used in combination with other methods and to prevent sexual disorders.

Increase your penis size at home

There are some popular ways to enlarge your penis at home that are being spread online and in rumors. Let's take a look at the most popular of them and find out which ones work and which ones are just a marketing ploy for the desperate.

Increase penis size with baking soda

Yes, yes, you heard right and that doesn't seem to be happening to you. Penis size can be increased by using regular baking soda.

Some representatives of alternative medicine recommend drinking 150 ml of water per day with a teaspoon of soda diluted in it.

Such a solution has a beneficial effect on the body, eliminating toxins and thereby improving the quality and duration of sexual intercourse. However, there are no reliable data confirming penis enlargement due to drinking soda solution.

The second way to enlarge the penis with soda is to take a warm bath. We make the same solution that we talked about above and put the male genital organ there for 2-5 minutes. This procedure should be performed one hour to 40 minutes before sexual intercourse.

The effectiveness of this method is due to improved blood circulation and dilation of blood vessels in the penis. That is, during an erection, you can expect your normal size to increase by 1 to 2 centimeters in length and the same amount of width. It is worth noting that it is very important to regularly take warm baths with soda, because the effect is temporary and nothing will happen even once.

Penis enlargement pump

penis enlargement pump

Cunning scientists have invented an amazing device - a special pump to increase penis size at home. The pump operates using a vacuum and is used not only to increase the size of men's penis, but is also used for various diseases, such as erectile dysfunction, after prostate surgery or recoveryfunction after radiotherapy. All in all, it's a complete benefit, and that's it.

Operating principle of the pump

You place your penis in the pump and create a vacuum effect inside it using a special hand pump (or by pressing a button if the pump is electric). With a uniform increase in pressure, blood circulation in the penis is activated and it increases in size, more than with a natural erection.

Pros and cons of using a penis enlargement pump

This method is the most harmless and if used correctly the pump cannot cause injury to yourself. However, with frequent use, minor bruises may occur due to damage to blood vessels located close to the skin.

How many centimeters can you enlarge your penis with a pump? If you believe the reviews of real people, it's definitely 10%. However, remember that the penis enlargement effect does not last forever, it usually lasts for a few hours and after a while the penis will return to its normal size.

If you use the pump regularly, you can achieve a long-lasting effect, but in this case you will need to use it several times a day for many years. And such frequency threatens you with lymphedema and darkening of the skin.

Exercises to increase your penis size

moderate penis size

There are several exercises to increase penis size. They are aimed at stretching the cavernous bodies of the penis and can remind you of erotic massage or masturbation with a certain set of rules. The main method of penis enlargement at home with the help of exercises is called jelqing.

Jelqing technique

Before performing the exercises, it is necessary to warm up the penis properly. This will protect you from injury and minimize pain that can occur when you overexercise. Prepare a temporary heating pad. Heat a little salt in a dry frying pan and add it to the socks. One at a time, apply a warm sock to your penis to warm it from all sides. If you don't want to bother with a hot compress, use a warm, damp towel or take a shower, but don't sit for too long.

After warming up your penis, start jelqing.

  • Apply lubricant along the entire length of the penis.
  • Connect your thumb and index finger so they form a rounded letter.
  • Begin moving the penis up and down, causing mild stimulation but not leading to a full erection.
  • Now, as you move, apply some force, as if squeezing the penis. Pull the ring over your finger very slowly (for 30 seconds) and avoid the head of the penis. 50 repetitions is enough.
  • Then you can start squeezing with your palm. Place your penis between your open palms and, with some pressure, squeeze it for 10 seconds and then pull it side to side and forward. Repeat 50 times.

By doing these simple exercises twice a day, you will achieve good results in penis enlargement. Remember that the most important thing about jelqing is regular exercise. One week after starting jelqing, you can increase the number of repetitions to 100 or 200 depending on your desire and health. If you believe the reviews of men who practice jelqing regularly, then on average they have increased their size by 2 cm.

Exercises help increase male strength

Increase penis size with hormones

It is possible to enlarge the penis with the help of hormones, but only if you are no more than 15 years old. This was such a disappointment. Otherwise, you will get a series of negative effects from hormone use.

Among bodybuilders there is an opinion that using the hormone gonadotropin has a beneficial effect on the penis and causes it to grow. In fact, such therapy would have more side effects. Yes, gonadotropins improve erections and the quality of sex, but this is where all the benefits end and problems begin, or more precisely, hormonal disruptions of the body.

There is also an opinion that testosterone can restore penile growth, and that what did not develop during adolescence during the period of elevation of this hormone will develop during hormonal treatment. But in fact, it turns out that the use of testosterone only works for 5% of those who want to make their penis bigger, which is comparable to zero effectiveness.

Special exercises to enlarge the male organ

The most important way to increase penis length and girth is through exercises that make the cells and tissues of the organ more elastic and stretchy. In addition, exercises help improve local blood circulation, and as is known, its size during erection directly depends on blood flow to the penis.

Jelqing technique

To enlarge a man's penis correctly with lasting results, you should consider some exercise techniques. The most popular and approved by doctors is the ancient technique of Jelqing, which is also used by Africans and Indians. The principle of performing the exercises is reminiscent of expressing milk with massage movements.

Jelqing rules

Exercises should be performed in a semi-erect state at no more than 60-75% of full strength. There are two exercises:

  1. First, the cavernous bodies of the organ need to be warmed up somewhat so that they become elastic and flexible. You can take salt, heat it, wrap it in a cloth bag and apply it to your genitals. Next, the organ is lubricated with lubricant, slightly stimulated and a ring is made around the base, tightened with fingers. This ring is moved to the base of the head, then the exercise is repeated 40 times.
  2. The organ is prepared according to the same principle, now it is clamped with the entire palm at the base. First, you need to hold the base of the penis for 10 seconds, but so that its entire length is covered by the palm of your hand. Next, tightening but not causing pain or discomfort, you should pull the penis to the right, left, up and down.

To start, 30-40 repetitions of both exercises are enough, but over time their number can be increased to 200. It is important that this technique is practiced regularly over a long period of time, at least 1 month or longer.


To increase penis length, you need to regularly perform a simple exercise that involves stretching it. To do this, the organ also needs to be warmed up a little so as not to damage cells and tissues. It is very important that this organ be in a relaxed state, otherwise an erection will prevent the corpora cavernosa from relaxing.

Penis enlargement results

First, the organ is grabbed by the head, then pulled forward in front of you. It is held in tension for about 15 seconds, after which it is weakened by contact and the organ is allowed to rest a little. Using the same principle, the penis is stretched to the right and left, repeating the exercise in a circle. The exercise will be correct if there is no pain.

Hanging load

You can increase penis size at home without medication or your doctor using another technique - hanging weights. But you need to understand that this is a rather painful method that requires attention and moderation. Its essence is to use weight to stretch the corpora cavernosa and ligaments of the penis.

You can do the exercise in the following way:

  • Genital organs need to be warmed by gentle massage;
  • near the head you need to attach a sticky plaster, with the help of which the wire is attached to the penis;
  • Small weights are hung on strings;
  • You need to stay in this position for 25 minutes to start.
penis stretching with weights

During exercise, it is important that the tip of the penis does not feel numb or painful, otherwise this organ may be injured. To start, choose the minimum load, gradually increasing both the weight and the duration of the workout.

Penis enlargement surgery: fast and effective

Penis enlargement surgery

In the modern world of cosmetic surgery, operations aimed at increasing the length and width of the penis have become very popular. Let's find out how this is done and, in general, why.

Increase penis width with implants

Penile prostheses are indicated for men with erectile dysfunction and any disease (congenital or acquired) that may affect the ability to have sexual intercourse.

All prostheses are selected individually and, depending on type and cost, have their own characteristics. So, the latest generation of prosthetic limbs are special hydraulic and inflatable prostheses, which are inserted into the corpora cavernosa and perform lost functions.

Increase penis volume by injection

To increase the width and volume of the penis, two types of injections are used. The first involves injecting your own fatty tissue into the penis and is called liposuction. An extremely safe and fast method, recovery takes no more than a few days.

The second type of injection is hyaluronic acid filler. Using a syringe with a microneedle, a special gel is injected into the penis, which helps fill the space under the skin and increase the volume of the penis along its entire length by 1-2 cm.

Penis lengthening with surgery

Ligamentectomy is the name of a surgery to increase the length of a man's penis by cutting the suspensory ligament of the penis. Modern medicine uses lasers to cut the special ligaments that hold the penis to the perineum. In this way, you can increase the length of your penis by 3-5 cm, and the surgery will take no more than 15 minutes.

normal penis size

Race and size

But there is a relationship between race and average performance. Asians can boast of the most modest capabilities. For them, 10 cm is the standard. But for Africans, on the contrary, 16-17 cm is considered the average size, in our country and other Slavic countries, as well as in Europe, this figure makes up the golden average of 13-14 cm. The penis measurement is an organ with a diameter of 15 cm or more and a length of 33 cm. And there's nothing to be jealous of here; it is unlikely that the individual described in the 20th century could have performed full sexual intercourse.

How to enlarge your penis quickly at home

There are many ways to enlarge the penis at home, depending on when the results are available:

  • Jelqing in a complex can add a centimeter in a month;
  • Kegel complex;
  • Massage;
  • goods;
  • increased medication;
  • The effect lasts for two days;
  • vacuum pump;
  • cream;
  • nozzle

Which method's results are more reliable?

Using gels, creams, special foods, dietary supplements and tablets, you can stimulate blood flow, improve erection, prolong intimate intercourse and in general gain self-controlbetter during sex. Such home methods of penis enlargement facilitate growth rather than stimulating it.

By performing special exercises, complex massage types, jelqing and hanging regularly, you can count on an increase in the length and girth of the penis, but quite slowly.

But how to enlarge the penis at home and achieve lasting results without negative consequences? Hormone experts and doctors strongly recommend using high-quality stretching machines in combination with muscle relaxers, and supplementing and ensuring results by using pumps and hydraulic pumps asauxiliary equipment. And only as a last resort should you resort to surgical intervention.

How to enlarge your penis in a week

Hanging load

Hanging weights on the penis is a quick but quite dangerous way. Weight affects the ligaments with the corpora cavernosa, helping to lengthen and enlarge the penis. The penis can enlarge a little in a week, and in 2 weeks a result of 1. 5-2 cm will be seen. What is needed to enlarge the male organ in 7 days:

  • Warm the penis first.
  • Secure the patch with a string.
  • Hang a minimal load.
  • Stay in this state for up to half an hour. If numbness is felt, the weight will be removed.

The load increases depending on the man's emotions. But unexpected actions can cause harm and injury.

Or you can use a vacuum system. Review in video:

Expansion kit

The extender is another tool that helps you grow your penis in a week. You can choose vacuum, ring or belt. Looped is more cost-effective but doesn't offer the same convenience as other types. The essence of the extender is to stretch the penis so that the tissues grow to get rid of unpleasant sensations. The results are not short-term, but if overused, it can affect the effectiveness. Recommended for use up to two hours per day.

Is it possible to make your penis thicker?

You can increase the diameter of your penis. If it is not very thin, then the volume can be increased with home exercises - manual and pumping techniques. This may occur because the tissues tend to stretch, leading to an increase in the volume of the corpora cavernosa and the area of the tunica albuginea.

If the diameter of the penis is extremely small, then minimally invasive techniques (hyaluronic acid injections, lipofilling) or cosmetic surgery should be used. The simplest and most painless thickening option are special attachments.

Foods for a big penis

Proper nutrition is another guarantee of good health and normal functioning of the male reproductive system. To naturally increase penis size, you need to consume as much of the following foods as possible:

  • WatermelonThe components of the berry increase blood flow, including local blood circulation in the tissues of the penis.
  • Protein productsThis substance is responsible for testosterone levels and the development of muscle tissue, which means that men need to regularly consume eggs, meat and milk.
  • Nutssource of all vitamins and substances for men that increase testosterone synthesis.
  • SeafoodNatural aphrodisiac, as well as a source of zinc, increases testosterone levels and male sexual performance.
  • green treesEspecially spinach, celery, and parsley also increase testosterone and improve overall health.

Vegetable oils, herbal teas, as well as dark chocolate, berries, fresh vegetables and fruits are considered good stimulants for sexual function.

How to enlarge your penis in one day

Within one day, you can achieve both short-term and long-term effects by quickly increasing the effectiveness. One of the safest methods of penis growth is to attach a special device. Can be used open or closed. Such a device is suitable for long-term enhancement and strengthening of erection. To prolong it, a closed nozzle should be chosen.

Softer materials should be chosen to maintain sensitivity. Faucets made of silicone and latex have practically no feel. A similar device is used for several hours. Many people note that results appear after a few days. And within three days, the man felt better in bed.

Pay special attention to creams and gels. The manufacturer guarantees results after 1 day, but this depends on the direct function of the product. There are several types of drugs:

  • short term (action before sex);
  • long lasting (effect achieved in about 2 days);
  • as an auxiliary means: if other methods of penis enlargement are used in parallel.

The most radical method that not every man decides on is surgery. In fact, the increase occurs in 3 days and the effect lasts a lifetime. Surgical intervention is more suitable for men with obvious deviations in penile development.


Special exercises are very useful for penis enlargement. This option is ideal for people with allergies who avoid applying various compounds to the penis. The 3 exercises are considered the most effective, each of which will be discussed in detail below.

penis enlargement exercises


The easiest way to enlarge your penis at home is stretching. The penis must be grasped by the tip and withdrawn. It is recommended to carry out the procedure from different angles. It is important to increase the force gradually to avoid tissue damage. You should spend 10-15 minutes on a stretching session, only in this condition can results be achieved.

Sit and stretch

For this exercise, it is necessary to bring the penis to a semi-erect state. The essence of this method is that the penis is pulled down and turned around, after which the man sits on it. Such gymnastics allow you to enlarge the base of the genital organ, stretch it and increase the size of its diameter. The mechanism of action is to increase pressure on the corpora cavernosa.


This fitness method also requires an incomplete erection. It is necessary to bend the penis in different directions, listen to your own feelings, it is important that there are no severe discomfort. If the exercise causes pain, the exercise should be stopped immediately. Next time you need to be more careful to avoid tissue damage.

Simulator to help

Regular use will increase penis size by a few centimeters. Physical therapy methods even reshape the penis. The most popular fitness equipment: exercise machines, dumbbells, vacuum pumps, jelq machines. Their regular use helps stretch the cavernous bodies and fill them with blood. But the main feature of the classes is that they must take place regularly and not exceed 15 minutes.